jueves, 11 de octubre de 2018

Every beginning comes from some other end

And so I never thought I would get the opportunity to write on this blog again, but it seems I was wrong! Back in June whilst having a solo trip to Toledo I received the wonderful news (it actually brought me to tears🙈) that I would get to stay in your amazing school and only your school for one more year 🤩😃👌🏼 I couldn’t have been happier to receive the news and to be able to play a part in your bilingual adventure again. Also, to watch you all keep growing into fabulous young people, see your English grow and  hare many more smiles and laughs. However, I really should learn your names, and I promise I will even if it takes me until June, as this year I have no excuse.

The first 2 weeks have been really enjoyable, it’s been so nice to see all of your enthusiastic faces again, even if I did forget about how chatty you can be. It’s been a busy 2 weeks for me; catching up with friends I’m lucky to be able to spend another year with, meeting new language assistants, doing a presentation at the language assistant conference, travelling to Ronda and having my friend come to visit me. I forgot how beautiful Andalucia is and how kind, caring and special the people are. But I cannot wait to spend this year with you all again, to create more memories and cherish the time we kuckiky got given. So, unfortunately for you, here’s to another year together 🧡🧡  It’s time to make another year count, because I believed it happened for a reason! 

Lots of love, 

Your language assistant,

Lissy 🤓 

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2018


Hi again everyone!!!
We are happily back to school and I'm glad to say that the year has been started with a great positive attitude by everyone! To start with, last 26th September we celebrated European Day of Languages doing these cute wordclouds to make our students aware of the value of linguistic diversity in Europe. The students of 1st ESO created them with the help of their Linguistic Area Teachers (Spanish, English and French) as part of CIL, that is Curriculum Integrado de las Lenguas, a paramount component in our bilingual Clara Campoamor School. Enjoy them and enjoy being back to school!!:)


martes, 12 de junio de 2018


As our dear Lissy wrote last week, on Tuesday 5th we had a very special break to say her goodbye, the warm goodbye that she deserves. We enjoyed ourselves quite a lot preparing all the things needed for the party: the posters, the balloons, the food, the music, the presents,...and as people say, "you reap what you sow" and so we got more than we gave. We received so much love from Lissy and all those who participated in the party but especially we received a wonderful massive hand-made card💗💖💙💓💝. In it you can read a heartfelt message from Lissy, written from the bottom of her heart and willing to encourage everyone to keep on improving their English and to fight for their dreams to come true. Here we can see it and enjoy it, as it is our present back:)


miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018

Sometimes words aren't enough❤️

Well, it actually seems like the other blog wasn't my last (of course it wasn't, I couldn't not write again after leaving) but this actually is the end now... 😳😥

I honestly do not have the words to express how grateful, thankful and blessed I am about my last day in the amazing Clara Campoamor!! It was truly truly so special and I'll never ever forget it 💗💜💚 I'm not sure I really deserve an entire party, i just did my job and enjoyed doing it! The party is also for all of your hard work too and the bilingual teachers, and of course Marta (the one who coordinates this English/Spanish teaching that you either love or hate) so i hope you enjoyed the party as much as I did, and got to eat more than me 😂😂 but speaking to all of you and feeling like the paparazzi were following me was much more important than eating hahaha I couldn't have felt more emotions at once... it was bittersweet! The biggest smile on my face yet holding back the tears! 

Also, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful gifts, being at your school and meeting such lovely people has been a gift in itself. The flowers, well, I don't think I've ever seen such a big bunch and my arm was hurting by the time I got home haha they are so beautiful though, I really love flowers 💞💐🌸 also, my handmade notebook for la aula específica is truly magical and I can't wait to use it (i think it's going to be for Spanish phrases) but I'm truly grateful to have been given it, and I wish I had more time with you wonderful humans! Lastly, THE BOOK WITH ALLLLLLL OF YOUR MESSAGES!!! 😭😭❤️❤️😀😀 I have no words to explain how much that mean to me, I'm going to keep it forever and whenever I feel a little sad it will be read, I can never ever forget any of you and this book is perfect and I absolutely love it! I did In fact cry reading the messages, they are so lovely! Thank you for every single letter and the drawings and the thought and time! 😘😘

Well, thank you for not only an super special send off, but also for a wonderful last 2 days that I enjoyed so much (you crazy children running around the school doing a treasure hunt) and a spectacular year! I hope you manage to see the card I made for you, all of you truly deserve it and I wish I could've written one for each of you, but hey I'm human and I do enjoy having a life 😂🙈 I'll send the photos that I took with each of the classes to Marta should you want to see them! I'm going to print them and keep them in a special place!9

And I guess that's all, I mean I could go on forever, but let's save you anymore pain 😂😂 truly thank you so much for everything and remember you can do anything you put your mind to, and be kind always! 

I LOVE CLARA AND ALL OF YOU INSIDE!! Until we see eachother again, good luck with everything in your life, reach your dreams, keep smiling and do your best (nobody can ask for any more)

Lissy over and out 😘🤓

viernes, 1 de junio de 2018

It's not goodbye, it's hasta luego! 😘

Well, as I begin to write my probably last blog (probably a good thing for you), I am just filled with emotions. But wow, where have the last 8 months gone, they seem to have flown by, too fast of course. I remember my first time I walked into this wonderful school with my mum all the way back in September, and I knew I was going to absolutely love it! Everybody was so friendly, it was so colourful and well, i just felt at home. Apart from the hundreds of kisses I got whilst meeting people  (i forgot you guys do that)  and that the lovely Marta left me behind when picking us up, but I think I might've just forgiven her!


But the first day I came to work, if I'm being totally honest, I was scared! (but mainly because I'm just so small and thought I'd get squashed in the corridor 😝) it honestly felt like I was restarting secondary school, with lots of new people and new teachers and a new timetable... well, you all know how that day feels, it's a whirlwind. Now I'm looking back and it feels like yesterday I was thinking to myself 'oh no, seriously, maths lessons' 'how do I even pronounce that word?' Or 'how do I make myself not seem like a student at the school?' because I really have been told to get off my phone or asked if I'm here for the exam 😂😂.

Now I'm faced with only 2 more days and that fills me with sadness, excitement, but more importantly gratefulness and lots of reflection, how is that even possible that less than 2 full days remain?? But seriously well done me for surviving because it hasn't all been a walk in the park with all sunshine and smiles... You Spanish kids can talk the legs off a hind donkey and well, sometimes I did wonder if I was a ghost because even after 100 times of pronouncing the same word for you, the pronunciation seemed to get worse (what we would call, in one ear and out the other) or whether you understood the word 'silence' because at times pffffff i needed a megaphone 😂 but you know what, even if at times I cried lots of tears or wanted to scream , I wouldn't change the job for the world, and that's what's made my experience at Clara Campoamor (which I only learnt the other day is named after an actual person 😂😂), sometimes the imperfections make things perfect!! Nothing in life is perfect and that's what makes it special, and why this school and the people in it will forever have a special place in my heart.

From the bottom of my heart, I'm genuinely so lucky to have met all of you wonderful children. You never failed to brighten up my day with your quirky personalities and that's why it's so hard to leave you all. You've all inspired me in some way, whether that's your perseverance with an English word, your friendliness, your faces when you get something right or just starting the day with a smile even if 'ergh no lo sé en inglés o 'pero no puedo decirlo en inglés'. Or when you shout my name across the corridor (maybe this is what it feels like to be a celebrity) you motivated me to get out bed somedays because there was never a dull moment and well, as you know my year wasn't all as it was supposed to be, but in your own way, this school kept me going. 

Please never ever stop being who you are, as you all have such bright futures doing whatever you choose to do, I have believed and will continue to believe in all of you, so do yourself a favour and believe too because 'if you believe you can do it, you're halfway there' and well, if any of you ever become famous, please don't forget to send me an autograph!! Each of you have brought something special to my year and the world deserves to see it too. You all have such a charm, a talent (whether that's maths, dance, sport or being a kind person) I'm so happy to have been part of the Clara canpoamor family and a part of me will always belong to it. I will forever be truly grateful that the junta de Andalucía placed me here.

I know you're probably thinking how cringe and corny this whole blog entry is, but I truly believe that everyone deserves to be told how great they are, and I am so grateful for the memories I have from this school- I'll cherish them forever because I don't think I'll ever get such a big cheer for walking into a room again hehe! Promise me one thing though: keep practicing your English because I will be visiting (England really isn't that far you know) and I expect your English to be EVEN better!! 💪🏻👌🏻 and never ever doubt yourself about anything, you can be whatever you want to be and go where you want to go! 

Well, before I burst into tears, A MASSIVE GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! I'm going to try enjoy my last 'weekend' (technically I'll just have a weekend forever after this one) and not get too upset about leaving you fabulous humans! But just know I'll never ever forget about the moments, the people, the love and the family at Clara! And please never lose the joy, enthusiasm and utter community feel that it encompasses; it's something amazing to hold onto.  

BUT FIRST LETS MAKE THE MOST OF THESE LAST 2 DAYS AND ENJOY THEM👌🏻💞🇬🇧 (please don't become rebellious before I leave hehe)

Lots and lots of small ginger English love, and remember you can do anything you put your mind to, so dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go and be what you want to be! and well I'm really just lucky that i have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!!

Your language assistant 2017/18-

Lissy 💗🌸🤓

domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

All the fun at the fair and everything else in between 🇪🇸💃🏽

Time really is continue to fly by and so my mission to do as much as possible continues. This week in let's see what Lissy can cram into her week, we have lots of random things. 

Firstly, I got the pleasure to be apart of the Clara Campoamor day, I mean it wasn't even my week at your school and I don't even work Fridays, but some things (only some things, don't expect me to give up my 3 day weekend all the time 😝😝) are worth showing up for, and this was. I mean mainly just because I couldn't have felt like I was anymore in Spain- I've never ever seen that many tortillas in one place! 😂😂 maybe next year you should enter the Guinness world record books for most tortillas in a school, I think you've got a good chance. Well, aside from the tortilla, it was so lovely to see all of you come together in one place and do lots of wonderful things- it was special to see and be part of. Well done to 4 eso for bossing your acrobatic routine, you should be proud of yourselves for getting up there, and for the pieces of music you picked- I was a massive fan! but also, thank you for letting me run a bit of the day- the Irish dancing! I feel privileged to have been able to show you all something that has been a massive part of my life and I think you all did great, even if it was quite difficult! Well done to those of you that made it to the end of the session- perseverance is key in life! 💚🍀☘️ well, thank you for putting up with me for an extra day! 

If Clara campoamor day wasn't enough dancing, fería was something else! The only other fería I've been to whilst here in Spain is the lucena one for Araceli, but cordoba, wow, that was something completely different. we took the bus to cordoba at 10am ready for a day full of Fería and mission number 1 was to find a flower for our hair of course!!! I was maybe a little too excited about wearing a flower, I just wanted to feel Spanish for a day 🌺🌹😂 and well, we were all very fussy about our flowers and walked around until we found the perfect one. I'm very indecisive so picked a blue and red one, mainly because they matched my dress andddddd well, a red flower is just very Spanish. However, there was a price to pay for mission flower.... silly me decided that wearing heels was a great idea, it was not!! I'm pretty sure we walked over the WHOLE of cordoba and my feet were not happy bunnies 😳😂 but I think the flower was worth the pain and well, Feria must go on!!! Here below you can see the 'flowerpuff girls' and so move over power puff girls! (I'm not sure if you have that programme here) 

After stopping refresh ourselves and prepare ourselves for Fería, it was time to go in and oh my lord, it was incredible, I've never seen something so spectacular and so full of life. It made me so happy to see everyone without a care in the world and all the Fería stuff placed there- it felt like I was walking into a theme park!! Of course I was jealous of all the flamenco dresses 🌹💃🏽 they are so beautiful and stunning and so very very Spanish hahaha after having a photoshoot (you can't go to Fería without A photo shoot) it was time to go to the casetas, and I discovered my new favourite drink called rebujito!! I had to admit that I really don't have any talent on the sevillanas front, but it's so beautiful to watch everyone dance in time with one another and how they move so effortlessly and know the steps!! I really did try and maybe just maybe by the end I understood about half of it. I just seem to lack the coordination of the arms with the feet, so if anyone would live to give me a lesson, that would be fabulous!! I had such a fantastic time at Fería and enjoyed every moment, one of those days were you genuinely love life and live in the moment- I'll never ever forget my cordoba Fería experience!! I loved it so much that I even went again on Wednesday evening (ooopsy a school night) and once again had an awesome time dancing the night away with wonderful human beings! Just one day I'll get to go in a horse and cart hahaha (a girl can dream, tight

After all the excitement of the Fería, I really needed to rest, however I seem to have an issue with this, in the form of not being able to stop doing things because I think life should be for living and making the most of it. So, I went to Zuheros for the first time with Isa (the English teacher), who some of you may know. I had such a lovely day, and Zuheros is just breathtaking, I really couldn't believe it was in Spain. Spain is just full of surprises and so diverse!! I loved the countryside and it reminded me of back home with the reallllyyyy green grass, farm animals and hiking places. I also learnt lots about the countryside and Zuheros itself from her family. I'm so lucky to have people to show me all the nucks and crannies of Spain, and people who I love spending time with. After doing a mini hike and seeing the countryside (the ground was too wet to do a proper hike... never thought I'd hear those words being from England, but then you guys don't even do PE outside even if there is only a little bit of water on the ground hehe 😂😝) it was time for tapas! I'm beginning to really love tapas, until someone asks me what I want and I really really do have problems deciding 😂😂 maybe it's the pressure of picking a tapas in front of spaniards, or that I just really don't mind... I'll never know haha but we had revuelto, flamenquin and some meat- it was really yummy and I got to spend time with Maria, Isa's daughter! The sun really did shine so brightly that we even had to put up an umbrella. Sadly that sunshine wasn't to last when as we arrived in Lucena and started eating ice cream, the heavens opened and I've never ever seen rain so heavy o so much hail (and that's coming from someone who lives in England) and so we were impresioned in the ice cream shop until it passed a little- but I guess there are worst places to be stuck in the rain haha thank you isa for such a genuinely fantastic day, I'm so lucky!

I've also been doing lots of other random things in my free time! I've visited my first bodega and that made me feel really really grown up knowing about how wine is made. The area around the bodega was also so pretty and like a mini Tuscany. I've also been to malaga to spend a day at the beach to regain energy after all you noisy kids 😝😝😝 but sadly I have finally got burnt and now look like a typical guiri on holiday, I was doing soooooo well!!! and in Malaga I had my first cien montaditos, they're so cute!!! I love the idea that I can choose lots of little sandwiches of my choice, but there really is such a thing as toooo much choice! And finally I went to have a night of German food with the other language assistants and my German au pair friend. We have become so close as friends and so now we are making the most of our time. If I'm being completely honest, I really don't remember what it was called that we ate, and I don't want to offend any German speakers haha but it was like a homemade pasta with lots of cheese- it was yummy and we all had fun trying to make it and more so, trying to pronounce it. it was such a pleasant evening filled with chit chat! 

And well I guess that completes my penultimate blog for you all (don't get too excited that you don't have to read me again 😂😝) but I guess I've just done lots and lots of random things and making the most of life here in Spain! Memories are the key to everything, and I'm certainly making lots of them to cherish forever. 

Well, I'll see you all in a week or so!! ⭐️💕🌸 I look forward to spending 2 more days with you all, you're the best! 

miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018

The end is nigh 🕓

And so it seems that 9 months has suddenly become 1 month, and I have no idea where the time has gone, you know what they say 'time flies when you're having fun' and I completely agree. The weird and wonderful thing about time is that it is completely yours to spend on whatever you want and with whomever you want, but we never reallllyyy spend it wisely until we can see an end. 9 months seemed like such a long time and now a month seems too little and I know it'll zoom by. Anyways, now I've been on a mission to make the most of my time left even more and live each day, hour, minute and second. I always try to wake up and spend each day as if it were my last, especially since as you all know, my dad died. It really was a wake up call as to how quickly time slips by and how we never truly know when will be our last moment of time; and so we should make the most of any bit of time we have, try to be as positive as we can, spread joy to others, surround yourself with those who make you feel truly happy and do the things you've always want to do. I guess this year here has made me realise that time is more valuable than I ever imagined. Well, this panic that time here is flying by might just explain my weekend full to the brim with wonderful activities. 

On Friday i was super excited to go to 'Los patios' in Córdoba, so many people had told me what a feast for the eyes it would be and how it was one thing not to miss. I didn't want to get up my expectations too much, because expectations kill everything, but I was looking forward to going. The truth is I love flowers, they're a truly beautiful thing and brighten up my day with all their tones and shapes and sizes, and well, no 2 flowers are the same. They show that beauty comes in many different forms. 🌼🌸🌺🌻🌷 I met my friend that's working as an auxiliar in Cadiz and she brought one of the American Auxiliar's that she's now friends with. It was nice to meet someone new, as I haven't for a while and I really do like getting to know new people. I have to say, the patios were all that I hoped, and truly gorgeous and spectacular. Those people should be very proud of themselves for creating their masterpieces and I loved that no patio was the same. The patios were 'blooming' brilliant!! Whilst in Córdoba I also acted a tour guide for my 2 different visitors, I really wouldn't recommend myself as a tour guide. I learnt that the key was just to make up dates about buildings 😂 and well, in this life we have to fake it until we make it. I was however better at being tour guide for the shops and restaurants; you can see where my priorities lie. But you really should all be proud of me for suggesting that they try typical Cordoba food aka flamenquin and salmorejo (I definitely did not have any salmorejo) to be honest I was more excited about my smoothie, basically the fruit version of salmorejo. 

After the spring filled day of Friday, Saturday was time for another adventure!! although this one really was an adventure. But before this, I really needed some energy and so went and got a toastada with tomate and jamón. (I'm secretly becoming Spanish at heart) the adventure of Saturday was to climb the sierra de Rute. You may be thinking 'wow, are you crazy?!' But the truth is that I love hiking and being in the great outdoors. It makes me feel at home and as a child I was brought up going for walks in the countryside and being surrounded by nature and incredible views. Obviously with me going on a trip, it didn't start off super smoothly as we got up and walked to the front of the bus too soon for the bus stop, to which the entire bus started looking at us weirdly and laughing... obviously we were the definition of 'guiri' and then when I went to Mercadona to get a pastry, the woman at the till told me I had to weigh them. I MEAN IN WHAT OTHER MERCADONA DO YOU HAVE TO WEIGH YOUR PASTRY AND OF COURSE THEY WERE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SHOP! But I really did want that pastry, so I complied with her rules and smiled sweetly, whilst she definitely judged me as a silly tourist. 

Don't worry, we eventually started our hike, and all of it was just so much fun and with incredible views. The whole way up we could see the Iznajar reservoir and it was stunning, i really couldn't stop looking at it, so much so that I walked up the hill backwards so I could look at it (and well, the hill didn't seem so big if i couldn't see what i was climbing 😂) the reservoir glowed with the sun and it was definitely more full than when I went in October (obviously the rain was good for something). When we reached the top of the sierra, I couldn't quite believe my eyes, the view was breathtaking and you could see for miles! It was worth the clambering over rocks and basically rock climbing and my foot getting stuck in between 2 rocks 😂😂 at the top we took in the views and of course rewarded ourselves with food and a beverage! 

After we had restored energy it was time to descend this mountain, and this sounds crazy but I actually prefer climbing up the mountain because my clumsiness affects me less 😂😂 also, it's a lot of brain work to climb down rocks on a slope, I found this out when I was being a typical chatterbox and tripped down some rocks, but hey, I have some lovely leg scrapes as a souvenir! And at least I didn't fall completely down the mountain because then you wouldn't be getting anymore amazing blogs 😝😝coming down the view of the reservoir was incredible, the water looked like the bright blue Powerade drink and as the sun began to go down, the whole environment changed. However, once again the ground wasn't my friend, it turns out that gravel is reaaaalllyy hard to walk on when going down hill, so much so that I adopted the slide on your bottom approach 😂😂 But it was worth it because when we made it to the bottom, there were 2 newborn goats still with the umbilical chord, so probably less than an hour old. It was magical and truly felt like spring. They were so cute and adorable, I named them Craig and Cathy (obviously so there was alliteration with Cabra) . Sadly we had to pull ourselves away from the goats to get the bus, but on the way, we bumped into the virgin celebrations in Rute, with lots of people in flamenco dresses and with flowers and music booming down the street. I REALLY DO JUST LOVE SPAIN AND ALL ITS WHAT SEEMS LIKE SPONTANEOUS STREET CELEBRATIONS. Of course the bus was half an hour late though haha

After such an eventful Friday and Saturday, it was time to finish my weekend on a high, and that I really did! 😌 I've been lucky enough to have one of the loveliest people as my bilingual coordinator here in Clara Campoamor, Marta, who some of you know. She was kind enough to invite me to her house in Cabra to spend the day with her family. After making friends with the bus driver on the way, who kindly told me it was no longer the morning, but now the afternoon (I've officially converted to the Spanish timings of the day), i safely arrived in Cabra. Firstly, we went to a garden centre to buy a bunch of flowers, lucky we both have a sense of flower arranging as the man working there had no idea how to coordinate colours of flowers... let's just say his eye for detail wasn't great, but the bunch turned out to be so beautiful. After this we went for a walk around Cabra (it really is a beautiful little town, but I'm not going to compare Lucena and cabra because I don't want to make any enemies by saying which one is the prettiest 😝😝) and I met some of her family. I really love meeting peoples family, and this was no different! They were so friendly and welcoming just like Marta and I enjoyed my time with them. Then it was time for lunch, tapas of course. We sat in a beautiful park by her house and I felt verrrrry Spanish as I ate flamenquin, croquetas, olives (which her daughter realllyyyy loved, so she's definitely being brought up the Spanish way 😂) calamari and some coated fish which tasted like home, because obviously it's fish and chips is the only thing I eat coming from England 😝 it was such a relaxed lunch and I really love being able to talk about everyday things and feel at home. 

Next it was time to have a 'siesta' something that I really really can't manage, so unfortunately for Marta, she was getting no siesta this Sunday, I'm sorry 😌. But it meant that I had time to play with her most adorable and sweet daughter just filled with character, she's already started learning English, well 12345! 👌🏻being able to play with children is definitely an excuse for me to release my inner child, because let's face it, I sometimes love to feel like a kid again. Following the siesta I was lucky enough to be taken to an important religious service, so I could experience something new. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed my time there, and felt privilidged to be apart of something so united. It was truly moving and captured my heart, and the hyms had lovely lyrics, although I couldn't sing too loud otherwise I would deafen everyone 😂😂 I'm really not blessed with a great singing voice. After this touching service, her daughter offered flowers to the virgin, which is also a moment I will cherish forever. It took place in a really beautiful place with lots of flowers and pots, it was really peaceful and the perfect setting. It was truly inspiring and I'm happy I witnessed something so special to many people. 

After this magical service, we went to a park with marta's daughter, and I forgot how much joy parks bring to young children. She truly was loving life and in a moment of pure happiness and she slid down the slide- I think it reminds me to be happy about the simple things. Of course I couldn't resist going down the slide too!! Lastly we went for ice cream... I REALLY REALLY LOVE ICE CREAM!! in case you're curious, I picked mint choc chip flavour, as i love the chocolates after eights and well, that was my dad's favourite flavour, so I suppose I ate it in his honour! it was very yummy and it felt like summer as we all sat chatting in the sunshine with not a care in the world about what was happening around us. Sadly such an amazing day had to come to an end, but the journey home with Marta's husband was a chatty journey and the sun was setting, so the countryside looked like it was glowing. 
Days like these make me feel so lucky to be surrounded by people that fill me with joy and that make me laugh. I think it's important to cherish days like these and remember how fantastic humans can be. Not only does time go fast in life, but people also come in and out of your life too, the important thing is to make the most of time when you are surrounded by great people #deep. 

So I guess what I'm really trying to say is that, this weekend was spent wisely, doing things I love doing, experiencing new things and doing it with people I really enjoy spending time with. I hope you all had a great weekend too and you're  not studying toooooo much and making time to enjoy your weekend by doing things you love and with people that lift you up and make you happy. ☀️⭐️🌸🌺🌷

Well, here's to making the most of things!